Men's Selection Trials 5/3/2016

Men’s Selection Trials 5/3/2016

Men’s Trials are ON again this week

As the turf is only being used on Saturday afternoon, we will run trials again in the morning.

I mentioned on Saturday that there were no trials due to the 9s tournament, but that has now changed.

Start Times

Session 1 – 9-10.15pm
Session 2 – 10.15am-11.30am
Session 3 – 11.30am-12.45pm

Names for each session are below. Please only turn up to the session you are named in. People will still move around, as no final squads have been decided.

We are trying to put teams together for the day, so please contact if you’re unable to attend.

Sorry for any inconvenience

Session 1 (9am- 10.15am)

John Arnold James Foley Ken Nichol Mark Studd
Jarrod Bean David Gorman Alan Nielsen Simon Tan
Kevin Beaton Matthew Hamilton Andre Oppedisano Duncan Taylor
Ben Beatty Andrew Haynes Jag Panesar Michael Thompson
Chris Bedford Gav Hughes Brad Parkes Andre Van Tonder
Jason Beeton Alex Kennedy Phil Retford Victor Wardrop
Andrew Blamey Steven Kurian Stuart Russell Nick Waring
Tom Brettell Brendan Lavery Bruce Sanderson Ben Warton
Charlie Calleja Jason Legge Aaron Scott Phil Welsman
Tim Campbell Kevin Li Joel Scott Nik Whitcombe
Ken Campbell Dean Merchant Mannu Singh Matt Rahme
Max Cannon Greg Merchant Graham Smith Steve Reilly
Glen Cooksey Tim Metcalf Ryan Sookias Matt Graham
Dean Cupitt Rizwan Nagrial Mark Sookias Ryan Graham


Session 2 (10.15am-11.30am)

Amauri Amat Mark Eggers Scott Morrison
Nic Baltzer Mark Ellis Tom Mountford
Steve Besanvale Scott Familton Zeke Newman
Sam Braid Bruce Farquharson Liam O’Shea
Steve Burns Stuart Farquharson Aaron Pereira
Adam Bussell Steven Ford Andrew Ramsay
Glenn Castenson Gharav Gholkar Justin Shaw
Marcelo Castro Manjit Gill Gurvindar Singh
Dan Chambers Mark Greaves Ryan Southgate
Steven Coombs Scott Harrison Harrison Starkey
Damian Cork Ryan Krensel Tom Voss
Peter Cox James Lear Dan Waring
Mark Cullen Kerry Marthick Rob Whelan
Matt Dunn Lukas McKay Ben Wilson
Nick Edwards Phil McQuillan
Rob Eggars


Session 3 (11.30am-12.45pm)

Nathan Arnold Rhegyn Harrison Eugene Stroinovsky
Alex Braude Riley Keogh Rob Taho
Ben Campey Darcy Keogh Ryan Taylor
Ant Caton Dylan Lavery Bhav Thiara
Brett Cox Dan Lidbetter Cody Whittaker
Owen Crotty James Maltman Ashton Whitting
Chris Culey Lachlan McKay Steve Young
Matt Cullen Matt McKay
Brodie Denson Declan Moore
Shaun Dobbin Riley Oberin
Matt Driscoll Scott Pecar
Michael English Kamal Pun
Russell Farrell Alan Retford
Ewan Freed Declan Russell
Brett Giffin Kireth Sandhu


Apologies if anyone’s name is missing off this list. Please let me know asap via and I’ll advise which session to attend.

We also have a trial v Syd Uni on 19/3/16 for grades 1-8s. Squads for these grades will be announced for then.

If you are interested in coaching, please also contact me via email.

I would also like to thank everyone for turning out for the trials. We’ve had great attendance to date, which is a great sign for the season ahead.

Greg Findley
Men’s President