About Our Masters Teams

Ryde currently fields 4 Men's Masters teams

Ryde Master Hockey Players and New Master Players

2017 was an extremely successful year with the club fielded a 4th Masters team and thus had a team in each grade.

The 2018 Sydney Men’s Masters Hockey competition will start with the Pre-Season Comp in the first week of February and the main competition in the last week of Feb or first week of March 2018.

Player Eligibility
You need to turn 40 years of age in 2018 (ie before the 31st Dec 2018).
The exception is: A grade are allowed to have on their roster 5 underage players however only 3 can take part in a game.

  • One player who will be 35 by 31st December 2018 and
  • One player who will be 36 by 31st December 2018 and
  • One player who will be 37 by 31st December 2018

This means a team can have up to a maximum of 5 players approved by the Board (in various ages),however they can only have up to any of the following combinations play in each specific game –

1×35, 1×36, 1×37 to39 1×35,2×37 to39 2×36, 1×37 to39 1×37,2×38 to39 3×37 to39
Typically, Masters is played at Olympic on Tuesday or Wednesday nights – earliest game 6:15 & latest game 9:30.

The competition structure has typically been along the following lines –

Sydney Masters Premier League           A grade                 8 teams            14 rounds (2 games against all other teams) plus 4 team final series (3 weeks)

Sydney Masters Cup                               B Grade                8 teams            14 rounds (2 games against all other teams) plus 4 team final series (3 weeks)

Sydney “Masters” League                      C Grade                 8 teams            14 rounds (2 games against all other teams) plus 4 team final series (3 weeks)

Sydney “Legends” League                     D Grade                 6 teams            15 rounds (3 games against all other teams) plus 4 team final series (3 weeks)
Fees will be announced in January and have been around $290 plus $15 / game for pre-season and then an additional ~$100 for insurance / affiliation fees (if you play Saturday hockey this fee is not required).

Masters hockey is:

  • A great way to continue your hockey career,
  • Have the opportunity to be selected in Sydney representative teams (35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60s), potentially be selected to play for NSW and even Australia (see dates below).
  • Play with your mates
  • Get a bit fitter
  • And enjoy an after game social drink.

Ryde would like to get confirmation of its Masters playing roster for 2018. If you are interested in playing Masters in 2018 please contact Scott Morrison.

Team coordinators for 2018 will most probably be;
A Grade                     Greg Findley
B Grade                     Scott Familton
C Grade                     Steve Reilly
D Grade                     Stephen Graham

Please let players know who are eligible to play and particularly at A grade standard and anyone who falls into the underage rule for A grade.

For further information, please contact: Our Men’s Masters Coordinator: Mark Richards 0418 752 295  

Men’s Masters State Championships 2018 – tba.

Women's Masters - NSWHA

Ryde Women’s Master Hockey Players and New Master Players (Playing under NWSHA)

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2018 Women’s Masters season. We would love to see everyone who is interested in playing this year and if you have friends or team mates from Summer Hockey who are also interested, please bring them along or get them to contact Pippa. With eight NWSHA teams, there is a team and a level of hockey suitable for everyone.

Many of you will be pleased to know that for the 2018 SWHL competition, two NWSHA teams have been graded in each division.
Div 1 – NWSHA Blue; NWSHA Gold
Div 2 – NWSHA Blue; NWSHA Gold
Div 3 – NWSHA Blue; NWSHA Gold
Div 4 – NWSHA Blue; NWSHA Gold
Trials for the 2018 season have been scheduled for three evenings, following feedback from last year that players wanted more field time to show their abilities during selections. Please look out for an email from NWSHA with the Intent To Play form linked.
The first two trials will be held at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday 9th February (divisions 3 and 4) and Friday 16th February (divisions 1 and 2). The final trial will be held at Ryde on Friday 23rd February (all divisions). Trials will run from 6:30 pm to 9:00pm. Please come earlier to sign on and get organised.
For those of you who have not previously played Masters hockey in NSW, if possible, PLEASE BRING PROOF OF AGE with you to the trials. A certified copy of your drivers licence, passport or birth certificate would be great. If you are having difficulty with this, please let me know.
The uniform is the NWSHA black skirt with blue detail, the blue and black shirt with alternate white and blue shirt and azure blue socks with alternate socks being gold. For new players and existing players who wish to order other items, samples will be available at the selection trials to view and try on.
I have been told that the Masters seasons start on Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th of April, I hope that will be confirmed soon. The division 1 and 2 teams play at either the Olympic Field or Field 2 at Sydney Olympic Park, every second Wednesday. The division 3 and 4 teams play every week on Mondays.
The time slots in previous years have been 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm and I imagine this will be the same again this year. There are 6 teams in each division and usually the three different time slots are shared equally, so we should expect three early, three middle and three late games, plus one as yet unknown.
We are looking for a number of coaches (and managers) for next season, so if you are interested or know someone suitably skilled who would be interested, please get in touch.
I hope that 2018 will bring more success on the field as well as more good times and friendship off it. If your availability or circumstances have changed since last year, please let me know.
We will send out more information as it comes to hand, but if anyone has any questions please email me or call me on 0418 245768.
Looking forward to seeing you all really soon
Pippa Quilty
Women’s Master’s Coordinator – 0418 245 768 
“It’s not that bad getting old if you all are there to catch up with and play good hockey”
Ina Cadorin 2016