Meet the Players – Mens Club

Name: Tom Craig

 Occupation: Student

Grade played for Ryde in 2014: 1st Grade
Position: Inner/Striker
Nickname/s: None
Hockey background: The highlight of my career playing for Ryde: It’d probably have to be a tie between winning an U11 gala day in Pennant Hills against an all-star Sutherland team, with Jimmy Stephens slotting the clincher. Brilliant day for Ryde Hockey. OR, breaking the 24-year U17 Metro League Premiership drought in 2010, with the Mighty Panthers continuing the tradition for the next 5 years and counting!
Why I play hockey for Ryde: It’s my home! Easily some of my fondest childhood memories take place at Keith Thompson Hockey Centre, be it courtesy of the famous Ryde BBQ or putting on the black and white on a Friday night. It’s also just a lot of fun being around such a great social environment doing something I love, and I guess that’s what kept me coming back year after year.
Outside hockey I enjoy: Music, the beach, travelling and hanging with mates.

Name: Greg Findley

Occupation: own and run a business that sells Rope and Cordage throughout Australia. Boating/Camping/Fishing/Industrial

Grade played for Ryde in 2014: 4th Grade

Position: Striker

Nickname/s: Greggy, Grego, Greggles, Strawb, Finlay

Hockey background: Ryde since 2001 – present / Parramatta from 1984-1999

The highlight of my career playing for Ryde: Watching my two sons begin their hockey careers at Ryde.  Back to back 3rd grade premierships 08/09 

Why I play hockey for Ryde: Is there another club? Seriously best group of people and families I have ever come across. Whether it’s Juniors/Mens/Women/Masters or parents, such a fantastic community. All volunteer!! Have made many lifetime friends.

Outside hockey I enjoy: Family time, whatever that may be; Other sports such as Cricket/Footy; Gardening; Technology

Name: Billy Shaw

Occupation: Engineer

Grade played for Ryde in 2014: 1st Grade

Position: Half back

Nickname/s: Billy/Mamba

Hockey background: AHL (2008-current), Australian U21 (2011)

The highlight of my career playing for Ryde: Part of the 2014 1st Grade team which finished the highest spot for Ryde 1st Grade in 19 years.

Why I play hockey for Ryde: I play because of the great people as well as the great coaching and development. The best of both.

Outside hockey I enjoy: I enjoy playing/watching Basketball and PlayStation

Name: John Cullen

Occupation: Self Employed – Kitchens & Bathrooms

Grade played for Ryde in 2014: 6th Grade (Premiers, have I shown you all my medallions?)

Position: The one that doesn’t need much running or Striker (Are they the same thing?)

Nickname/s: Dog, Doggy, Dogman

Hockey background: I started playing for Ryde at age 6.

The highlight of my career playing for Ryde: Playing 187 1st grade games – Playing 1’s while we were promoted to Premier League (way back) – Playing 1’s against Ken Wark (JNR just to clarify) What a fantastic opportunity I was given. – 500 club games, should I go on? OK, giving Banner’s a bath every time we played him, NSW Masters 40/1 National Champions, beating QLD in the final, and lastly, all the premierships and goals – did anybody get a video of any of them?

Why I play hockey for Ryde:  If you know of any alternatives available to me, please let my manager know. 

Outside hockey I enjoy: Making sand castles with Steve Dunn, a night on the arak with President Dawson, a great night out with my lovely wife.

Name: Richard Ellison

Occupation: Account Director, Managed Services & Service Management

Grade played for Ryde in 2014: Masters A

Position: Captain, Midfield

Nickname/s: NA

Hockey background: UK – County U21, Reading Hockey Club (National League Division 1 and London League) – played alongside 6 Olympians!, Ryde 3’s and 4’s from 2000 – 2009, Ryde Masters A’s 2008-2014

The highlight of my career playing for Ryde: Winning Maiden A Grade Masters 2014 (first time since tournament started in 1987)

Why I play hockey for Ryde: Initially, the water based Astroturf and recommendation from various players relocating from UK to Sydney. Now the people

Outside hockey I enjoy: Family (two daughters), Travel, Golf, Skiing, Wine, Property Renovations, Beach, Texas Holdem Poker