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Player Registration

Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club will soon be accepting registrations.

Once ready – The registration process only takes a few minutes and can be completed online.  Please click the button below to begin.

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Supporter Members

Ryde Hunters Hill Hockey Club is welcoming Support Members to join the club to recognise the many supporters of the club.

Would you like to be a support member of Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club ?

We have developed a new category of club membership to acknowledge the many supporters of Ryde hockey

  • ‘Supporter Members’ can include family members, friends, neighbours, hockey aficionados
  • ‘Supporter Members’ will receive advice of club news and have increased opportunities to engage with club activities
  • There are no membership fees involved if members register online. Otherwise ‘Supporter Members’ can join up through the canteen for a $5 fee.
  • ‘Supporter Members’ are very welcome to attend club meetings but will not have voting rights
  • The only stipulation is that ‘Supporter Members’ be aged 18 years or over

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It is intended that the following Resolution be proposed as a Special Resolution by the Annual General Meeting, Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club, 7 December 2018.

That the existing Constitution of Ryde Hunters Hills District Hockey Club Inc be replaced by the proposed new Constitution annexed to this Special Resolution and available on the Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club Inc website, and that the new Constitution apply to the operations of Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club Inc incorporated as from its adoption by the General Meeting pending final approval by New South Wales Fair Trading in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW).

2018 11 RHHDHC Proposed Constitution