Women’s Development Program

Women’s Junior Development Program

Playing senior hockey as a junior is a great way to support player’s strength and skill development as well as growth and confidence as hockey players.

At Ryde we provide a number of opportunities for junior development to gradually transition our junior players to the senior competition.

The program offers opportunities such as:

  • the assigning of a mentor who will assist each junior player to set short and long term goals and guide them on how best to achieve these.
  • to watch and analyse 1st Grade Women’s games with a focus on specific positions and how best to perform in each one.
  • the program also facilitates whiteboard sessions that discuss positional play and game formation.
  • Juniors are further encouraged to attend senior training sessions in an effort to address some of the issues they may feel when joining the senior ranks, for example experiencing a lack of confidence, fear of making a mistake or poor technique.

Holistically the program is designed to ensure a smooth transition for Ryde junior players to the senior competition and aims to develop athletes who have the knowledge, confidence and vision of where they want to take their hockey to in the short and long term.

Video: An interview with Ryde Women's Development Officer - Sonya Nicholl