2017 Award Winners

2017 Club Awards

Congratulations to the Award winners of the 2017.
Club Awards
Pop Reece Trophy (Men’s best and Fairest) – Michael Dillon
Judy Goosakoff Trophy (Women’s Best & Fairest) – Susan Matthews
Colin Manning Trophy (Men’s Leading Goal Scorer) – Tim Brand (26 Goals)
Women’s Leading Goal Scorer (Kirsten Pearce Trophy) – Abby Wilson (23 Goals)
Best and Fairest Male Goal Keeper – Steven Ford
Best & Fairest Women’s Goal Keeper – Shelly Pole
Gwen Sullman / Maurice Dawson Trophy (Club Person of the Year) – Cecilia Blamey
Umpire of the Year – Michelle Pecar 
ANZAC Coach of the Year – Tim Collier
Women’s Best and Fairest
1st Grade Women – Boudine van der Pols
2nd Grade Women – Kiera Batten
3rd Grade Women – Zoe MacMilian
4th Grade Women – Charlotte Naylor
5th Grade Women – Laura Wilson
6th Grade Women – Katie Duncan
7th Grade Women – Susan Matthews
Men’s Best and Fairest
1st Grade Men – Nic McEwen
2nd Grade Men – Michael Dillon
3rd Grade Men – Michael English
4th Grade Men – Matt Dunn
5th Grade Men – Steven Ford
6th Grade Men – Kerry Marthick
7th Grade Men – Kawar Singh
8th Grade Men – Mark Richard
9th Grade Men – Steve Reilly
10th Grade Men – Jacob Brown
Masters Best and Fairest
Masters A – Mohammed Akram
Masters B – Matt Whitting
Masters C – Duncan Taylor
Masters D – Col Haycroft / Aaron Scott
John Cullen Junior Sports Person of the Year – Lachlan Cope
Junior Club Person of the Year – Darcy Keogh & Bruce Farquharson
Coach of the Year – Teaj Sian
Maurice Dawson Minkey Encouragement Award – Jessica Robson & James Makin